Sept. 9, 2019

Oh, There You Are

Oh, There You Are

We've been looking for you forever.  We should practice.  We thought we were.  We think it's adorable. We think you're adorable. *ahem* Anyway.

That's right, this week is S2E16, "Original Song." The New Directions take original songs (see what they did there, with the title of the episode? genius) to Regionals while Quinn's entirely  Also, a bird dies.  Nothing else happens.  Except for the best kiss in all of the Glee's history.

This episode rates an astounding 0 on the Kevin Scale, which is fine, because we hit a 9 on the Klainedex.  And this week we'd like to introduce the Cockblocking Keyboard Scale, which rates our first 10.  But at what cost?

We'd also like to say thank you to our newest helping hand, Adriana, who has so very kindly and graciously taken over sound editing and engineering for us. A bazillion thanks to her.

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