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Dianna Agron was missing from parts of episodes in season three because she was in Paris meeting with the director of The Family which she was going to film during hiatus. As you pointed out she wasn’t in Choke at all. She was also missing from several scenes in Saturday Night Glee Ver. Episodes are frequently not filmed in order of air date.

Rad buuut

Started listening to this today and I was really digging it buuuuttt...you guys really lost me at the Sebastian love, especially given what happens in Michael. I still think you guys are witty, smart, and fun to listen to and I still appreciate how the show still has (and had!) so many fandoms. 💙❤️


A great deep dive into Glee. The hosts dissect the characters and the relationships in the show. These hosts are hysterical I couldn’t stop laughing! The content and chemistry is excellent. Looking forward to more!

It is WILD to go back and watch Glee today knowing how much I loved the show 10 years ago when I watched it. Listening to this pod is like therapy to work through the conflicting emotions and moral quandaries that are brought up by still love-hating and discussing Glee in the year of our lord 2020. Thank goodness for the ladies of this pod to guide me through.


I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this podcast. The hosts are intelligent, witty, and funny, and have a lot of interesting thoughts about characters and stories. I love the ranking systems for each episode, and get a good chuckle every time they bring up fandom stories and jokes. Five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

wow are they in my head?

i watched glee when i was in high school and then went back to it last year and kind of had the same opinions, which i had thought were unpopular and based on nothing but wow. it’s nice to listen to them talk through the episodes and actually back their opinions with facts and examples. plus they’re all hilarious.


If you are also a 21 year-old college basketball player endrenched in the horrible greatness of Glee, I've got some quality content for you.

More Cowbell

This podcast is great. 3 voices giving you great analysis on arguably one of the best (and worst) shows of a generation. If you like glee and booze or just glee or just booze ... I recommend listening. The one thing they need... MORE COWBELL!