Glee on the Rocks

an unofficial retrospective about Glee, the fandom, and its effects on all our lives

every episode we break down the highs and lows of the writing, the music, and the cultural impact of a network TV show that only ran 6 seasons and ended 5 years ago

Recent Episodes

Oops Glee Did It Again

Nov. 12, 2021

This is 4x02 - "Britney 2.0." Brittany's back, baby! Actually she never left, she's still there roaming the hallways as a super senior. In order to cheer Brit up, Mr. Schue sets an assignment for the New Directions to revis…

The New Rachel (Was the Friends We Made Along the Way)

Oct. 11, 2021

This is 4x01 - "The New Rachel." The new season begins with old friends and new faces, and a whole lot of storylines, as Glee attempts a soft reset. Back in good old McKinley High, the Glee Club is both competing amongst the…

As We Go On We Remember

Sept. 1, 2021

This is S3E22, "Goodbye." Senior year for (some) of the New Directions is coming to an end and so is season 3 of Glee . Rachel, Finn, and Kurt find out whether or not they've been accepted to college, Kurt and Blaine strugg…

Will Schuester: Gleek of the Week

July 30, 2021

This is S3E21, "Nationals." Nationals are here and naturally things aren't going 100% for The New Directions. Mercedes falls ill just before the big day and last minute rehearsals turn chaotic. Rachel hopes for a second sho…

Freaky Glee-day

July 13, 2021

This is S3E20, "Props." As Nationals approaches, Tina is rightly feeling pushed aside and overlooked, despite being one of the original New Directions. Rachel invites Carmen Tibideaux to Nationals to watch her perform in ho…

That Thing Glee Do

June 15, 2021

This is S3E19, "Prom-asaurus." It's time for another Glee prom! As graduation approaches, it's up to Senior Class President Brittany to plan the best night ever for her pals and the school. Elsewhere, Blaine, Kurt, Rachel a…

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Emily is a theatre and film creative development exec whose current job has nothing to do with that whatsoever. She is currently hiding from the state of the world by gardening, baking, and buying her cat toys he doesn't play with, while simultaneously being utterly consumed by the news. She would like to write and produce a fiction podcast, or maybe a book, but who doesn't want to do that these days? Also Snape is a complicated anti-hero who ** this rant has been edited for length and content **



Mandy is a full time introvert that works in newspaper publication and doesn't know what real clothes are. Her life is dictated by the every want and desire of her two cats, Ninja and Pirate, and a deep-rooted need for media based escapism to stop the world from closing in on her. Also, she likes to write.



Bee is a college learning professional who dropped out of a PhD program to do ANYTHING ELSE but fail at boring, insignificant biomedical research. Luckily that failure came with a masters degree and a revelation that there are other ways to work at a university and translate science for students. When not consumed with work, Bee spends time with her partner Lyd and their three cats: Maya Ruth, Ellen Frida, and Louisa Mae. Yes, their apartment is the lesbian feminist dream you're picturing. Pre-Corona, she spent a lot of time drinking with friends, meeting monthly for Bunco night and Sundays at a patio bar to cheer on the New Orleans Saints. Post-Corona, her only hobby is marathoning every season of Great British Bake Off on a continuous loop. One day she'll finish all the incomplete fics she left behind.


Audio Editor

Adriana is a Blaine stan first, human second. Joined the fandom, consumed all the fic, screamed at Ryan Murphy and purposefully did not watch season six. When she’s not yelling over fictional characters, Adriana is cooing over her cat, eating pizza and talking over whatever show she’s watching with her partner, Reggie. Sound editing and design has been a passion of hers for a few years now, and she enthusiastically loves lending a hand to the show. Other interests include yelling about Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Agents of Shield and some musical, honestly.

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