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July 17, 2020

Fierce, Femme, Phenomenal

Fierce, Femme, Phenomenal
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Listener's Note: We recorded and edited this episode before Naya Rivera's tragic passing, which is why there's no commentary about it.  We held off posting as we took time to deal and gather our thoughts.

The next episode is "I Kissed a Girl," which heavily features Santana in an important storyline.  We're going to wait a little bit before recording it to give ourselves, and our listeners, a little more time to decompress.  First we're going record a tribute episode of sorts - more on that soon.  For now, please enjoy this episode and remember Naya in your favorite way.

This is S3E6, "Mash Off." The New Directions are still quibbling with The Troubletones and the only way to solve it is, you guessed it, a mash off competition.  The result is one of the greatest Glee covers of the whole series:  Rumor Has It/Someone Like You.

Kevin McScale: .5 - for injuring Darren during the dodgeball scene
Klainedex: 2- one point for standing on the choir room chairs, and one for Blaine's face during the student council speech
Coulda Shoulda Woulda Index: 30s - the lack of an actual storyline with Rachel and Shelby; honestly would have paid money to see Finn lift Blaine a la Dirty Dancing

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Take care of each other.

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