Nov. 17, 2020

This Does Not Spark Warbler

This Does Not Spark Warbler

This is S3E11, "Michael." The New Directions run through a small piece of the Michael Jackson catalogue, while Kurt and Rachel get news about NYADA.  Kurt and Sebastian fight for Blaine's affection and attention, causing a rift between the Glee Club and the Warblers that results in Darren Criss appearing on Broadway.

Also, Smooth Criminal. Which Mandy wouldn't understand because somehow she missed the MJ train. We forgive though.

This episode features returning guest Ambre, coming back to tell the facts about Samcedes.

Kevin McScale: 4.5 - he just needed a full plot to hit the full 5
Klainedex: 6 - they got minimal screen time, but the heart eyes adds key points
Coulda Shoulda Woulda Index: more Warblers, that's all

Our wonderful sound engineer is Adriana, and this episode is sponsored by you, our Patrons.

Mask up. Take care of each other.

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