Feb. 6, 2022

That's My Ship! Episode 1 - Destiel

That's My Ship! Episode 1 - Destiel

Welcome to our miniseries That's My Ship! These episodes have previously been Patreon-exclusive content, but we've decided to release them widely because we want to. In this very random miniseries, we take 20 minutes to an hour to rant, rave, and explain our favorite ships across all fandoms.

In our first episode of That's My Ship! Emily reveals one of her her other major fandom loves: Supernatural and Destiel.  That's right.  It has nothing to do with Glee - other than those Deep Fandom Feelings we all feel.

These episodes will be spoiler heavy. These episodes will be about all ships, RPF included. We hope you love them, we hope they spark your fandom feels. We hope you'll tell us about your ship.

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