June 15, 2021

That Thing Glee Do

That Thing Glee Do

This is S3E19, "Prom-asaurus." It's time for another Glee prom! As graduation approaches,  it's up to Senior Class President Brittany to plan the best night ever for her pals and the school. Elsewhere, Blaine, Kurt, Rachel and others stage an Anti-Prom party in revolt.  Rachel vies for Prom Queen against Santana and Quinn.

Kevin McScale: .75 - for showing up in the episode and being the 4th lead in "What Makes You Beautiful."
Klainedex: 6 - for being a couple, being over the top, being themselves, being boyfriends, and being supportive.
Coulda Shoulda Woulda Scale: they coulda just not rehashed the plot from Prom Queen.

Our wonderful sound engineer is Adriana. Get vaxxed. Take care of each other.

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