Feb. 5, 2021

Glee on the Rocks Presents: Supernatural on the Rocks

Glee on the Rocks Presents: Supernatural on the Rocks

Hey Gleeks! We're proud to introduce our new project: this is Supernatural on the Rocks, a new Supernatural podcast hosted by two of the voices behind Glee on the Rocks.  This will be a limited series podcast: every episode we cover a season of Supernatural, digging into the mythology, the characters, and the fandom it left behind.  When there's too much to cover in a regular episode, we'll add topic-specific bonus episodes.

This is Episode 1, "Season 1."  SPN premiered in 2005.  Billed as The X Files meets Route 66, the concept was two brothers driving the desolate roads of America, saving people and hunting things.  In this first episode, we discuss the effectiveness of the genre, the characterization of the leads, and what was going on with the Big Bads of the season.

Join us to remember the road that was.

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xoxo, Mandy & Emily

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