Nov. 15, 2022

Glee is But a Song

Glee is But a Song

Hello Friends! We've got a supersized, wide-ranging episode for you featuring a super fun guest: Jon, host of the incredible Life's But a Song podcast.

This is 4x11, "Sadie Hawkins." At a student council meeting, Tina works to organize a Sadie Hawkins dance at McKinley High. Meanwhile, Sam looks for evidence that The Dalton Academy Warblers cheated at Sectionals.

We talk with Jon about how we got into the Glee fandom, the evergreen rumors of reboots, and Jon pitches us an idea for a new segment: Celeste Watch (you might know her as Neck Brace Cheerio).

Life's But a Song is a bi-weekly podcast where Jon discusses musical movies or musical TV with guests.

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