April 2, 2020

Gay Diddly Gay Gay Gay

Gay Diddly Gay Gay Gay

We know times are strange right now, but are they as strange as an episode of Glee? (Yes, we're being facetious, the world is scary. STAY HOME.)

This is S3E2 - "I Am Unicorn."  Kurt is running for Student Body President and campaign manager Brit wants him to lean into the unicorn.  Schue makes some of the New Directions attend Booty Camp and Shelby Corcoran returns to shake things up even more.

Kevin McHale Scale: 2.5 - you decide why
Klainedex: 6 - purely for the fondness of their looks
Shouda Coulda Wouda Scale: 60s - for the ball dropped on Quinn, and those missing Kurt and Blaine conversations

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Stay Home. Stay Healthy. Wash Your Hands.

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