May 15, 2020

Continuity, Whomst?

Continuity, Whomst?

How's everyone coping? Good? Just okay? Climbing the walls yet? We feel.

This is S3E4, "Pot O' Gold."  The Glee Project "winner" Damian McGinty arrives as exchange student Rory Flanagan, Father of the Decade Burt Hummel decides to run against Sue in the congressional race, and Shelby starts recruiting for the rival all-girl Glee club - The Troubletones.

Kevin McHale Scale: 0.25 - I mean really? We were cheated.
Klainedex: 5 - for the Last Friday Night cuteness.
Coulda Shoulda Woulda Index: Tina was the most fucked over and should have joined The Troubletones.

Our wonderful sound engineer is Adriana, and this episode is sponsored by you, our Patrons.

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